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How to prepare for your hair & makeup appointment? (FAQ)

This post is going to be a quick little FAQ to help you find answers to questions you may have :)

First of all, many of you travel overseas to come to Paris and get married, elope or have your pictures taken. My best advice would be to prepare in your bag what you need to remove your makeup, clean your face and then apply a good moisturizing mask (and lip balm) for the whole length of your flight. This will prevent your skin from dehydration, dryness and you will glow as soon as you land ;)

Before your trip, try to keep the same skincare routine as usual. Sometimes we might want to get a facial for example, which is a good idea if you're used to it. If not, then try having your facial at least 4 weeks before. You never know how your skin will react, there's always a risk for breakouts, allergies, rednesses etc...

Same thing if you plan on having a keratin treatment, it's essential to have it done at least 2-3 weeks before.

Unless the requested hairstyle is a brushing, the best is to wash your hair the night before our appointment (or anytime earlier the day before if they don't have a tendancy to get greasy fast). It's easier to work on "sleeped-on" hair to naturally avoid little fly aways. Hair shouldn't be too clean for updos either.

If you do want a brushing, or if one of your guests has short hair, please specify before my arrival.

If you want your hair down, wavy or curly, try to skip the use of conditioner/hair mask on your last shampoo. If not possible, try to use as less as possible.

Photo: Iwona, Mon Conte de Fées

Your face can just be clean, with no makeup residues left.

If we meet early in the morning, I will apply moisturizer/skincare myself.

If we meet later in the day, please use your usual moisturizer in the morning, and I will complete the skincare as needed.

If you have allergies or want to use your own skincare products, it's totally fine too :)

Last but not least, if we do have an appointment very early in the morning (between 3:30am-6am), please let the reception desk know about my arrival. In some hotels, I'm having a hard time convincing them to let me in (the hotel!!) and even a harder time to have them call you in your room or let me come up ;)

I guess even with the most authentic smile on my face I don't look trusthworthy at this time of the night :D

If you have any question, don't hesitate to drop me an email :)


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