Spray Tan (on location)

  • Organic self tanning solution

  • Applied with airbrush

  • Includes Body Contouring

  • On location to your Hotel or Apartment in Paris



Hair Coloring


On Location to your hotel or apartment in Paris







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Allison is a renowned Makeup Artist and Hairstylist working in the Fashion and Advertising industry in Paris. 


While loving working on shoots and shows, she started to work with brides upon recommendation and realized she didn't want to stop!


"Making a woman look and feel her best for one of the best moments in her life, which will be captured in photos and remain in her souvenir is the most rewarding and fulfilling part of my job! In a society where we are constantly throwned with perfect looking women having had professional hair and makeup, great lighting and photographer, and then photoshop at the end, most women don't realize that they can look as good as them until they had their hair and makeup orofessionally done once in their life."



This website showcases her Bridal & private clients makeup and hair portfolio. 


Throughout the years, Allison gathered a close team of excellent hair and makeup artists working with her for bridal parties, events, fashion shows, etc...



Tel: 123-456-7890    |   info@mysite.com
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Louisa recently joined the Modern Beauties team, allowing us to offer additional services.


If you are looking for the perfect spray tan while in vacation in Paris or for your upcoming wedding, elopement, event, look no further, she's the best in town!


All of our services are on location, for spray tan Louisa arrives at your hotel room or apartement fully equipped with a protection tent.

The only track left of her passage will be this natural long lasting glow on your skin!



She is also an experienced colorist from Minneapolis. 

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